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AL-Bireh Public Library:

The Public Library of Al-Bireh City was established by the Municipality of Al-Bireh in 1966. The library aims at encouraging the reading habit among the local citizens of the city. The library played an important role in the cultural development of the local community. The library contains 20.000 books and references classified according to the Dewy classification method.

AL-Bireh Public Library Build.

AL-Bireh Public Library Build.

In 977, the library started its computerized system as part of its promotional plan adopted by the board of trustees. The new system facilitated the efforts of researchers and members of the library. The number of members in the library is increasing constantly and they can be calculated with 5000 divided as follows:
Children (1-14 ) Youth (15-18) University Students Housewives & Intellectuals
30% 30% 20% 20%
The number of female members is around 57% while male members are 43%.

The Staff at the library are Mr. Salim AlBast the chief librarian, Mr. Amer Awadallh, Miss Samah Samaha and Mr. Raed Al Taweel at the second floor of the library. Mrs. Tayseer Al Madah in charge of the children's library and Ms. Azza for the periodicals.

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